My newest Netflix recommendations for a relaxing afternoon

The weather is getting colder and fall has officially begun, so why not spend a lot of your free time just snuggling in your bed or on the couch, with a blanket and some hot chocolate, watching a movie or tv series on Netflix? It’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost with my Netflix recommendations, and since then a lot of new tv shows and movies have been added that I just love to watch! If you’d like to read my first blogpost with Netflix recommendations, you can click over here. Do read along if you’d like to know what my current recommendations are!

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Some of my favourite tv shows on Netflix

It’s very cloudy and rainy today here in The Netherlands – so what better than to stay in bed, wear your PJs all day long, eat some cake (because every day is a good day to eat lots of cake) and just binge-watch some tv shows? It’s the perfect day to share some of my favourite tv shows with you all. Since I mostly watch my series on Netflix, you are able to watch all of these series if you have Netflix. Please keep in mind that I have the Dutch Netflix – I’m not so sure that all of these tv shows are available worldwide. So, please keep reading if you’re interested to find out what my favourite Netflix tv shows are! Read more