Update as of September 2018: I’m currently not taking any ARC requests because of my endless TBR! For Instagram collaborations you’re more than welcome to contact me.

I always love to receive ARCs to write a review on my blog, so if you want me to review your novel, I’ll try to answer within 24 hours. If you want to send me an ARC, you can contact me through Instagram DM or my contact me-page. Please keep in mind that:

  1. I’m a student, so next to reading books I also go to school and work, therefore I don’t always have a lot of time to read. My TBR-list with books I still want to read is also very large. I will always try to read an ARC as soon as possible, but because of the things listed above I won’t always be very quick.
  2. I only want to receive paper copies. I don’t have an e-reader and prefer to read real, paper copies.
  3. I don’t accept all review requests. It depends on whether I have time, how many ARCs I still have to read and if I like the genre of the novel.
  4. Receiving an ARC will not have any influence on my opinion about said book. I will always be honest in my reviews, unregarded whether I received the book for free or not.

My rating system: 
★★★★★: this book was fantastic. It was SO GOOD! Everyone should read it!
★★★★✩: I really enjoyed reading this book and I thought it was amazing, but there are some (little) things that I think could be improved.
★★★✩✩: I liked reading this book, but I don’t think it’s really remarkable.
★★✩✩✩: this book was okay. It wasn’t really good, but it wasn’t horrible, either.
★✩✩✩✩: this book definitely wasn’t my cup of tea, I didn’t enjoy reading it at all!

My favourite genres:
I mostly read YA – preferably Fantasy and Contemporary. Sometimes I also like to read Sciencefiction and New Adult.