Review: Everless by Sara Holland

Title: Everless
Author: Sara Holland
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication date: February 1, 2018
Genre: Fantasy, YA
Date read: February 3, 2018
My rating: ★★★★★

“At first, I think that time has stopped again. But there’s blood spreading over the floor. Time hasn’t stopped. It’s just that the room is utterly silent, as silent as the tomb it has become.”

Okay, before I begin to gush about how good this book was, I must admit that I already fell in love with it when I first saw the cover and read the synopsis. I mean – just look at that cover, isn’t it stunning? And the whole story just sounded so good and original. When I first read about this book, I immediately wanted to read it myself. I preordered the book and after I received it, I immediately started reading – I think I finished it in under a day, because I just couldn’t stop!

Everless tells the story of Jules Ember. She lives in the land of Sempera, where time is currency – people’s blood can be transformed into so called blood-coins that are needed to pay debts, making the wealthy close to immortal and the lifespan of the poor shorter and shorter. Jules and her father previously worked as servants for one of the wealthiest family’s in Sempera, the Gerling family – until a terrible event happened, causing Jules and her father to flee in order to stay alive.

Years later time is running out for Jules’ father. He is more in dept then ever, giving away his blood (and therefore his lifespan) trying to make up for these depts. In a desperate attempt for blood-coins to save his live, Jules must go back to Everless, the estate of the Gerlings, to once again work there as a maiden. Despite her father’s protests and warnings, she goes back to Everless.

Soon enough Jules will find out that there is more to the past and the reason of why she had to flee than she ever knew possible, making Everless a very dangerous place for Jules to stay. Especially when the Queen of Sempera is coming to pay a visit… And that’s all I’m going to say about the storyline – I don’t want to spoil it for you!

First of all: I think Sara Holland has done a marvellous job with the world-building. She made it seem as if the world-building was very easy and simple, but it was actually really complex. Everything was explained with so many details: the history, how time was transformed into currency – it was so realistic, almost as if Sempera was an actual country, and not just some fantasy world. (But, for the record – if it was an actual country, I wouldn’t want to live there! Just imagine giving away your blood, your lifespan, in order to pay depths and rent or buy food…)

“Maybe I am a mystery— a secret— that needs unravelling…”

Not only did I love the world-building in Everless, I also really enjoyed the book because the writing was just so good. It was an easy read, very fast-paced (as I already told you, I finished it in under a day) and felt really realistic. I was captured by the writing and the story the moment I opened the book and started reading, I just couldn’t stop after I read the first chapter (or, like, the first paragraph).

Also: the characters were all super interesting. I loved reading about Jules and her backstory and about how she and her father had to flee from the Everless estate, where she grew up and really bonded with one of the Gerling’s when she was just a child. I instantly liked Liam, but I wasn’t really a fan of Roan (though I can imagine everyone gushing over him). And I totally didn’t see that ending coming, WOW! The book has a lot of plot twists and some of them were a bit predictable, but the one near the ending…

Overall, if you love young adult fantasy (like I obviously do!), I can definitely recommend this book to you! I absolutely loved reading it, and it’s probably one of my favourite reads of 2018 so far. And that ending… I won’t say much because spoilers, but it ended with a pretty big cliffhanger. I just can’t wait to read the sequel, why can’t I read it sooner?! I want to read it right now!

As you might have noticed, I finished the book February 3rd, but I’m just posting my review just now. That’s not because it was difficult to form an opinion about this book, but it’s more because something very unexpected happened last month and I just didn’t feel like writing reviews (I’m not going into details here, you can check my Instagram post about what happened over here). That’s also why this review is a little bit all over the place, so I’m really sorry if it sounds a bit confusing here and there.

I also changed my February TBR to both my February and March to be read. I didn’t finish all the books on my TBR last month, so I’m hoping to finish them by the end of March and catch up with the reads and reviews.

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