A flip through my December Bullet Journal spreads

If you’ve been following my Instagram, you probably would’ve already seen some pictures of my new bullet journal. I love the concept of a bullet journal – creating your own diary and to-do list while using your creativity. If you’re not really sure what a bullet journal is, you can read about it here.

I love to stay organised. I’ve got quite a busy life and a normal diary doesn’t really work for me (I’m not sure why, but I just didn’t keep up with it, even though I definitely needed an organised planner). Therefore I wanted to try making a bullet journal. I’d seen lots of pictures floating around the internet with the most beautiful spreads, and I wanted to try making some for myself!

I started bullet journalling in the beginning of 2017, but I couldn’t keep up with it because I didn’t have enough time. However, I really wanted to give it another try, but I didn’t want to wait until January. December is my favourite month of the year, and I didn’t want to skip it. So I thought ‘why not?’ and I started a new bullet journal on the 1st of December. Read along if you want to see my December bullet journal spreads!

It’s going great so far. I really enjoy spending time on my journal. I love creating art and since this year is going to be really busy, it’s very useful for me to have a real planner with an organised overview.

I didn’t really follow a specific theme or specific rules, I just started with a key, which you can see over here:

The stickers I used are from Cheyenne Barton, you can find her shop over here. I think they’re adorable and I absolutely love using them in my journal! Cheyenne is also very kind and talented, and on her Instagram you can find her bullet journal (which looks gorgeous, by the way). After the key I started with the very first spread of December, my December cover page:

Following the first December spread, I thought it was helpful to start with a small overview of the month. Turns out I didn’t really use it, though – I never really updated it. Maybe I’ll try using it more this month.

After the December overview, I wanted to have a habit tracker, which basically just tracks my daily habits. I did use this one and it turned out really nicely! Not every box is coloured in, but eventually I’ll get there.

After the habit tracker it was time for my weekly spreads – the ones I was most looking forward to. With these weekly spreads I could really express my creativity, using cozy pictures from Pinterest, small doodles, washi tapes and stickers. The first week was a bit experimenting – I wasn’t yet sure of what style I was going to use, so I just started without a plan. I think it turned out really nicely, but it has got some large gaps (but I think that’s just because the first week only had three days).

After the first weekly spread, I discovered that I wanted to keep the style I used going, with some more quotes and pictures. I think it looks a lot better than the first weekly spread, but that’s mainly because the pages are more filled:

Then onto the next week – this might be my favourite spread yet! I just love the colours in this one, and I really like how that quote on the left page turned out! Again, the pictures I used are from Pinterest and the stickers from Cheyenne.

As for the next weekly spread, I tried using some more pictures and only black & white stickers. I really like how it’s turned out!

The last spread was the Christmas and New Year spread! I used Christmas photos, some tape (I’m not sure if you’re able to see this, but the red washi tape says ‘Merry Christmas’) and a couple of Christmas quotes! Christmas is by far my most favourite holiday, so throughout my whole December bullet journal spreads you’ll find lots of Christmas quotes and pictures.

And that’s it for now! It’s time to start my spreads for January, which I’m super excited for. I really enjoyed making my December spreads, and I love making pictures of my journal. I’m thinking of doing a monthly ‘flip through my bullet journal’-post, would you be interested in that? Please let me know!

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  • Reply
    02/01/2018 at 16:35

    Zo mooi Charlotte! ? Ik hoop dit jaar ook (weer) te beginnen met een bullet journal!

    • Reply
      02/01/2018 at 17:43

      Dank je wel Romi! <3 Ooh, super leuk! Succes alvast ?

  • Reply
    02/01/2018 at 22:15

    I absolutely adore this, not only because I forgot what a nice concept bujo-ing was , but also because I kind of ignored Instagram permanently now *cries* so I don’t see that much of how you’re doing and what you’re up to anymore. Which is a shame really, because this looks amazing and so “you”! I’m especially inspired by the monthly habit trackers, I think I want to start at least that one myself as well! Mostly because I’ve been really busy thinking about my current habits. I once tried bullet journaling all the way but it didn’t really work out for me for some reason. But you’ve inspired me to try it again! A monthly flip-through would be amazing 🙂
    (OK long story I’ll stop now HAHA) xx

    • Reply
      03/01/2018 at 09:34

      Aww you’re so kind Merle!! Thank you so much <3 you should definitely start a habit tracker, it’s really helpful! And I think you should also try a bullet journal, I’m sure yours will look gorgeous! It’s so much fun to make one 😀 yay! I’ll definitely do a monthly flip-through! <3

  • Reply
    03/01/2018 at 07:50

    These spreads are so beautiful! So much creativity. Would love to see these more often ?

    • Reply
      03/01/2018 at 09:32

      Thank you so much! Yay, I’ll definitely be making more blogposts about my bullet journal then! <3

  • Reply
    04/01/2018 at 11:31

    Your spreads are so beautiful and your lettering is gorgeous!! Might I ask how do you get those small pictures? Do you just print them off the internet or are they stickers of some kind?

    • Reply
      04/01/2018 at 11:33

      Thank you so much Irina! I just find them on Pinterest & copy them to a Word document, and then I just print them & cut them out so I can use them! 🙂

  • Reply
    grass harp
    08/01/2018 at 10:48

    I love how this turned out and I’m glad you rediscovered Bullet Journaling. Hope it will give you some structure and a good outlet for your creativity this year as well!

  • Reply
    08/01/2018 at 13:08

    Erg leuk Six of Crows! Je bent hier ongelofelijk goed in 🙂

  • Reply
    Hana Bilqisthi
    24/01/2018 at 02:16

    Cool Bullet Journal <3

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